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In 2014, our dear friend Annabel was diagnosed with MS.  A few years later, Annabel created her own flavor at Nona's, Bell's Believers, and we have been donating $1.00 for every cup served throughout the month of May each year. We have also taken generous donations from customers and each year we donate about $3,000.00 to support pediatric MS research!  This year, we have to adjust our flavor a little.  Typically we serve a black raspberry with orange sprinkles as Bell's Believers.  However, post raspberry ingredients are hard to get.  So with Annabel's help, we have created the 2021 version of Bell's.........vanilla ice cream dyed purple with orange sprinkles.  So come down to the store and buy some today......and help support Pediatric MS Research!  We are also happy to say that Annabel is fighting every day and thriving as a super athletic and brilliant high school student and an amazing friend!

We are open for takeout.  Please see updated hours to the left.


Best rules to follow for the health and safety of all our customers and employees.


  1. Order online or over the phone. (See link to online ordering and phone numbers below!)

  2. Send one person in for pickup or call at arrival for curbside pickup.

  3. Maintain six foot distance between customers at pickup.

  4. Follow us on social media for updates on flavor selections (we are doing our best to keep up with this....please be patient with us!)

Flavors of the Month! 


Toasted Coconut

Coconut ice cream with toasted coconut flakes mixed in

Coconut Almond Chocolate

Coconut ice cream with almonds and chocolate chips


Ricotta ice cream with chopped up cannoli shell pieces and chocolate chips

Bell's Believers

For 2021, this flavor is vanilla dyed purple with orange sprinkles mixed in.  Traditionally, this has been a black raspberry flavor......but a fallout from the past year is that we cannot get the proper black raspberry ingredients!  So this flavor has been adapted to fit our needs.....thank you Annabel!

Spring Hours:

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Scituate Harbor
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Today's Flavors

Call: 781-749-3999


Today's Flavors

Call: 781-378-1464


We have online ordering setup with a limited amount of flavors because we need to have those flavors in both of our locations.  If you see a flavor listed under "Today's Flavors" for Hingham or Scituate, please call that store to order it.  We have many more flavors available at the stores than we can have for online ordering. As soon as we are able we will open up our doors to allow people to come inside.  We can offer curbside pickup during daylight hours only please. Follow us on twitter, facebook or instagram for updates!

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